Types of restaurant

Last updated December 15, 2016 | Hyderabad, India

What is a restaurant

A restaurant is a business place that prepares food to serve the customers in exchange of money. It is a place where we can go with your friends and family members occasionally, to enjoy the variety of food recipes like Veg, Non-Veg, Chinese, Asian, etc.

Generally many of the restaurants only serve twice a day that is for lunch and dinner. But a few serves the breakfast also.

Types of restaurant

Earlier a restaurant used to serve food in the same premises itself.

But now, as the online food ordering companies like Swiggy, Foodpanda etc., are increasing day by day, restaurants also have started using an online food ordering system to serve online, by offering takeaways and home deliveries in order to withstand the competition.

Apart from this, serving your customers online increases your sales by creating digital presence for your business.

Based on the type of service they provide, there are many types of restaurants available. A few of them are explained here for your understanding.

Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants are one of the expensive restaurants. Usually these types of restaurants are small in size with a less seating capacity. Often people select these restaurants for special occasions or for business gatherings.

By offering unique food items, these restaurants serve a limited menu to the customers. Besides the food service, the customer service that is provided by fine dining restaurants is appreciable. By maintaining some decent ambience inside, these restaurants increase your comfort levels.

Fast casual

The concept of fast casual restaurants is a combination of fast food and casual dining restaurants. Fast casual restaurants are one of the latest trends in the restaurant industry. Mostly these restaurants are well-known for healthy food with high quality ingredients.

As they provide a limited service to the customers with a luxurious dining area and furniture, these restaurants are a little bit expensive.

Family style

Family style restaurants are also called as casual dining restaurants. These restaurants are specially designed for families and are typically located nearby the residential areas. Family restaurants offer a simple menu within a reasonable price range.

These restaurants provide a complete table service, where servers assist the customers in placing orders and by serving food. Apart from this, some family restaurants even serve alcohol, normally away from the dining area.

Fast food

Fast food restaurants or Quick service restaurants (QSR) provide a quick service to the customers at a cheaper price when compared to others. Many of the fast food restaurants have restaurant chains, which contain multiple branches in different locations like McDonald’s, KFC, etc.

The main concept of these restaurants is to serve more customers in less time. It is a self-service based restaurant and a customer has to pay prior to having food.

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