My Personal Experience As A Foodie

Last updated October 20, 2016 | Hyderabad, India

Being a foodie, restaurants contribute heavily to my food carving and of course for my lovely weight too. People who know me, would endorse me as “Bhukkad” without no second thought. All their strong belief comes from their encounter with me while me countering the dish on the table.

My long and delicious journey of eating, I have many many stories to share.Let me start with one…

It goes long back, when I was studying in class 11th. I visited Lucknow with my father and the only only thing which was on my mind was Kabab’s (Though I was there to write a test). You will wonder if there could be a 16 year old foodie.

But yes, I visited Lucknow with all the craving for those melting, spicy kababs with very bad preparation for my exams.

After visiting many places with my dad, I was just waiting when he will talk about lunch, and when I will get a chance to emotionally compell him to eat Kabab’s. We were near Chargabh bus stand and luckily Aminabad’s Tundey kababi’s shop was not far away.

The “lunch moment” came and then came the mouth watering venue with the aroma of the delicious Kabab’s. I still remember my hate for the queue which was there between my Kabab’s and me for 15 min.

Now after 24 years, I feel the new generation of the “Child Foodies” would not have to experience the same hatred. Now my craving for the delicious Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is mostly well handled by the online food ordering companies.

All I have to do is feel the urge for that well marinated chicken balanced with the right spices and wonder smelling rice. Then get my slow Moto 2g (P.S I don’t like this phone) and use one of the food ordering mobile applications. While I order using the best discount available, mostly there is 20 min wait between me and the dish…. So simple.

I really appreciate all the entreprenuers who got this online food ordering system started. I always want them to keep serving simple but delicious food, and serve it hot.

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