How Does Online Food Ordering System Work? (Step-By-Step Process)

Last updated March 14, 2017 | Hyderabad, India

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With the huge advent of young professionals into big cities online food ordering sector has started emerging day by day.

Even many food delivery companies have started accepting online food orders by adopting online food ordering system in order to drive more sales online and to beat the competition.

How it works

Check the below infographic that simply explains: How Does Online Food Ordering System Work?

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An overview

Being on a hectic schedule, people may not get enough time to go out for food. They may be quite busy with their personal or office work.

In this scenario users can directly open your restaurant’s or food delivering company’s online food ordering system, irrespective of the place and can order food within no time.

How does online ordering work

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As soon as the user places an online order you will be notified about the new order, and you have to prepare & deliver food to the user as per the delivery time mentioned while placing the order.

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How does online ordering system work? (infographic)

How does online ordering work infographic


One of the major advantages of online food ordering system is – It increases the convenience level of your customers with a simple order flow and boosts your restaurant or food business sales by creating a stronger online presence in the market.

Below is the step by step process that explains: How does online food ordering system work? Just follow these steps and see how a user can order food online through your website or mobile app.

Step #1: User enters your website/mobile app

Whenever user feels hungry, instead of going out and searching for food, simply he/she can enter your website or ordering platform in his/her laptop or mobile phone.

Step #2: Selects favorite dish

All the available food items with the respective prices will be displayed online in the food ordering system (website) itself.

There is nothing like someone will come and explain the menu. So without any hurry, user can easily go through your online menu and can choose his/her favorite dish.

To increase users convenience, some websites also provide the delivery time option from where an user can select the exact delivery time as per his/her availability.

Food online ordering system

Step #3: Add items to cart

After selecting the dishes, the next step is to add those particular food items to cart. In this cart page it clearly displays the total price of food items that the user has selected along with the individual item price.

Here user can easily add/remove items or can increase the item quantity as per the requirement. This mainly helps the user to order exactly within the available budget.

Step #4: Pay and order online

So after this, the next step is to provide the delivery address and pay for the food that the user is going to order. User can directly pay the amount online through the integrated payment gateways from where the amount gets credited into your account.

Once the user makes payment, the order gets confirmed and you will be notified about the new order instantly along with the user. Certain food companies even provide the cash on delivery (COD) method, where the user makes payment after food delivery.

Step #5: Food preparation and delivery

As soon as the order gets placed, you will be notified about the new order, delivery time etc., through sms or an email. This makes you easy to prepare food on a priority basis without any difficulty.

And lastly after preparing food, you can safely deliver it to the user through an online food delivery system. Also user can easily track his/her food orders at anytime with this food delivery system.

Note : Find here the online food ordering system pdf

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