Easy Restaurant Management System With POS Application

Last updated November 02, 2016 | Hyderabad, India

Restaurant management system is a fully automated software application for restaurants that is quite flexible and can be adapted to your individual business needs.

It provides an entire management system that can be used in any kind of food service industries like Dining restaurants, QSR restaurants, Pizzeria, Cafe/Bakery, Pubs, Hotels etc., very easily.

Restaurant management system overview :

Nibblematrix offers a perfect and an Easy Restaurant Management System which comes with an user friendly graphical interface POS (point of sale) software, thereby offering an online restaurant management system.

It is a comprehensive management system for the food, beverage and hospitality industry to streamline your day to day restaurant operations with integrated modules like eBill (POS), eWaiter (Tablet based order capturing), eKitchen (Kitchen Order Token generation) and eStock (Stock/Inventory management) etc.

It is a flawless application for restaurant management. See it in action here.

POS software with integrated features :

Online restaurant system is an end to end application which leads you towards restaurant success. It is an advanced system to enhance your customer service, production quality and to manage your business operations.

Restaurant managing system seamlessly increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a restaurant.

It comes with inherent segments like eTable, eWaiter, eDiner, eKot, eBill and eStock in order to deliver a faultless and an Easy Restaurant Management System.

It can streamline the entire ordering process, thus you’ll be able to serve your customers instantly. Restaurant management system gives you a proper control on your restaurant to manage things effectively and enables you to serve your customers in a better way.

Easy restaurant management system

Besides providing a restaurant management software, it delivers you a flawless organizing system for restaurants through which you can certainly handle routine tasks like quick order management, guest management, menu/price management, table management, efficient stock management, real time dashboard reports etc., effortlessly within no time.

Some of the characteristic features of the restaurant management system are, it can be easily integrated with POS printer, mobile payment gateway integrated, available on Android and also it is a browser based application.

The key functionalities that are integrated with the online restaurant management system and which can handle operational management problems smartly are –

  • eTable efficiently manages bookings/guest reservations and table availability information inclusive of merging/demerging tables. It comes with a self-service mode and a guest mode that lets guest to book table easily.

  • eWaiter allows a waiter with a complete menu to easily place orders(from table) which are straight away sent to kitchen.

  • eDiner, a cloud based variant allows a guest to place order directly. eDiner comes with a real time feedback provision and social networking integration.

  • eKot helps a chef to view orders placed for dine-in/takeaway/delivery and enables him to manage the status of an order. eKot allows a smooth functioning between kitchen and table.

  • eBill can easily process orders for dine-in/takeaway/delivery and helps to easily control menu items/price. It also helps to create/modify tax and discounts.

  • eStock helps in effective management of stock/inventory.

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