Restaurant management solution (eDine)

Restaurant management solution overview :

Nibblematrix offers a “Restaurant in a Box” solution called eDine. eDine is a Restaurant Management Solution which provides a perfect Point of Sale(POS) for restaurants. It is a complete restaurant management system for traditional dine-in restaurants, consisting of a comprehensive administration system which helps you to smartly manage your day-to-day operations.

eDine is the Best Restaurant Management Solution which helps you to optimize your business operations by improving reservation management, menu management, waiter productivity, order throughput, materials management and payment processing. The end result is more foot fall and more food sold, resulting in an increase in revenue.

Restaurant management solution innovative features :

eDine is a perfect restaurant management software by using which one can easily handle their daily business activities like reservation management along with guest reservation, effectively manage stock/inventory, modify menu items/prices as well as discounts.

eDine allows you to view orders placed for dine-in/ takeaway / delivery and enables you to update the order status seamlessly. It is specifically written for the food, beverage and hospitality industry, we pride ourselves in having an expert understanding of ordering and dining trends and work daily with our customers and integration partners to innovate and improve our solutions.

eDine modules are seamlessly integrated with each other and can also be easily integrated with online food ordering portals, ERP, Finance and HR management systems. It is a low cost cloud based turn-key solution for running a traditional dine-in restaurant. The eDine solution includes the following and can be deployed to go live within one business day:

  • Tablet based ordering for waiters

  • Tablet based menu system for customer browsing

  • Point of sale (Billing)

  • KOT management (Kitchen Order Token)

  • Stock and Inventory Management

  • Customer relationship and Loyalty management

Best restaurant management solution