6 Ways To Promote Your Restaurant Online

Last updated November 21, 2016 | Hyderabad, India

It begins with a website

With sites such as Yelp around, many restaurants assume they don’t need a website. They already have an online presence, without having to do any work.

But this is a huge mistake. You want to have complete control over what your online profile looks like, and having a website will make that happen.

You don’t need to pay a designer thousands of dollars to create a site, either.

There are free restaurant-themed templates that you can use to make you look your best, to make it easy for your customers to find you and to let them order simply from your online food ordering system.

Make sure to add these features to your website

There are some key features you should make to include in your restaurant website. These are based on studies that prove that people look at restaurant websites for three main reasons: to book a table, know when you’re open, and to see your menu.

The key features your website should include are:

  • A menu – Don’t just make this a list of items, either. Many restaurants choose to upload their menu as a PDF, so that they can capture the true beauty of the design.

  • Online reservation tool – True, this may not apply to you, but if you take reservations, offer an online reservation tool. You can build a tool within your site, or use a third-party tool such as OpenTable. You can also designate a section for reservations, but simply post your contact information for people to call.

  • Your hours – Don’t just post your hours (so that they’re easy to find) but post when you serve lunch, dinner, weekend brunches, and anything else that pertains to your restaurant.

Start a food blog

This, of course can be added to your website. The purpose of the blog is to help boost your search rankings, but also to add to your restaurant’s branding.

You need a voice in order to connect with customers. Your blog can be that voice. If you’re not much of a writer, enlist the help of a local food blogger.

Get social

Your website is a pivotal part of your online marketing, but you can’t ignore the social media aspect as well. Through Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms, you can increase your reach and connect with customers in a variety of ways.

Highlight your menu with gripping images on Pinterest. Offer on-the-spot, limited-time specials to your Foursquare and Twitter followers (such as “Today, from 3 – 5 p.m., come in and say the word Tsetse Fly and get 10% off your bill”).

Run contests with your Facebook followers. Promote loyalty and give your customers a chance to win great prizes, which encourages them to come back to you (virtually, and in real life).

Register with Google Places

Remember how we said that local searches are abound with restaurant-based themes? Google a phrase like “Italian Restaurants in (Your Location). Before you even get to the search results, there’s a banner atop the page listing restaurants that match your search.

This is a result of Google Places. By adding your restaurant to Google Places you increase your likelihood of ranking high, add Google maps into your search equation, and allow people to easily rate you and give comments.

Speaking of reviews

Be vigilant about monitoring your reviews. You live and die by your reputation, and your reviews are some of the biggest contributors to your online and offline rep.

Thank people who have given you positive feedback, and address any negative comments so you at least can contribute your side of the story.

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