• Easy Restaurant Management System

System for online food ordering

eOrder by nibbleMATRIX provides a complete platform for online food ordering system and also offers an easiest way to handle customer relationship management (CRM). eOrder provides a natural and intuitive interactive experience for the users to quickly place online food orders, using clean order selection flows and with simple payment selection mechanisms.

Best restaurant management system

nibbleMATRIX also offers a “Restaurant in a Box” solution called eDine, a comprehensive solution for the food, beverage and hospitality industry to streamline their day to day restaurant operations with our integrated modules like eBill (POS), eWaiter (Tablet based order capturing), eKitchen (Kitchen Order Token generation) and eStock (Stock/Inventory management).

Dedicated customer support

Our support team is available 24 X 7 days, to assist our customers in any kind of issues and will help them instantly without impairing their business. We too provide a dedicated technical support for our integrated partners.

Want to manage your restaurant smartly and grow your business easily? Use our nibbleMATRIX product eDine

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